High-Quality steel pipe with Excellent Standards
Eco engrg solutions pte ltd is the Manufacturer of Butt-weld Fittings, Forged Fittings,Compression Fittings, Outlets, Flanges & Long Radius Bends in Materials like Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Duplex & Super Duplex Steel, Nickel Alloys etc.
  • Sandablasting

    Sandblasting can be used for mega structures like oil rigs and it can be used for creating design for small ornamental items, and also for precision work on moulds for dentures. The sandblasting effects comes with different equipment and different sandblasting media. Its usage is far and wide. Present us with the material and we will help you to find an equipment and media most suitable for you.

    Our current setup covers a total 2600m2of space. First phase setup consists of an auto chamber blasting machine with chamber Height 3m x Width 2.2m and a rolling sand machine.

    Our auto chamber blasting machine capable to blast most of the steel item for shipbuilding and construction on the market. Each lot will only consume 10-15 minutes to complete.

    The rolling sand machine is use for smaller item such as pipe fittings and small size steel products.

    The 2 blasting machines able to reduce man power requirement especially during this pandemic. We able to reduce rely on manpower, operate with less interrupt by the current pandemic.

    After blasting, the goods will transfer to coating zone to coat according to client specification. 15 painting stations will be setup and 5 painting compressor is ready for service.

  • Coating

    Cold Galvanising is available as an additional service through our partnership with HANA Paint using Zinc Tech and Zinc Techα.

    Zinc Tech and Zinc Tech α are Zinc rich dry film galvanising system.

    It consists of ultra-fine Zinc particles made to protect metals from corrosion far longer than any other technology.

    Contact us to find out more about this amazing technology!

  • Fabrication

    Eco Engrg is an extended branch of Standard Steel that explores labour supply in the fabrication service sector for the marine and offshore industry. Our labour is skilled in all materials for pipe spool fabrication, namely Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper Nickel and Super Duplex. They are also trained to do installation and line pipe testing.

    Eco Engrg also provides solutions for Carbon Steel structure fabrication and erection. Fabrication services includes:
    1.Super Structure
    3.Pipe Support

  • EPC

    Manufacture and Repair Water/Waste Treatment Equipment
    ECO Engineering is our branch that aims to be a turn-key contractor, involved in the water treatment, waste water treatment, odour control and air pollution control systems Ups and Coming Projects in Singapore.
    - Water management and treatment
    - Waste water management and treatment
    - Odour management and control
    - Air pollution management and control

    System Skid Assembly & Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

    Automated Control Sliding Door

    Valve Remote Control System

    Building and Repairing of Ships, Tankers and Other Ocean-Going Vessels (Including Conversion of Ships into Off-Shore Structures).
    Standard Steel is also deeply involved in structure preassembly, assembly and erection activities for FPSO topside process modules.

    Steel Framing

    Structure Assembly

  • Control Systems

    Standard Steel also provide 4 types of full systems solutions.

    Valve Remote Control System
    The Valve Remote Control System is used for many piping systems on marine vessels.
    We supply 4 types of packages:
    1.Hydraulic Actuation System
    2.Pneumatic Actuation System
    3.Electric Actuation System
    4.Electro-hydraulic Actuation System

    Anti-heeling System
    Heeling refers to the tilting of the ship. It is primarily caused by uneven cargo load, sharp turns and high-intensity winds or waves. The Anti-heeling System is designed to check the inclination of the ship and, if allowed, automatically compensate the forces which cause it. Especially with container ships and ferries, the Anti-heeling System can prevent critical ship orientations.

    The Anti-heeling System can work in conjunction with the Stability Control System and the Valve Remote Control System for Bilge and Ballast valve control. The integrated system can be monitored and parameterized from a TFT touch panel.

    Water Ingress System
    DMH provides solutions with proper compliance with the rules and regulations - Mandatory SOLAS XII/12 requiring installation of the Water Ingress Alarm System on bulk carriers. The Water Ingress Alarm System is designed to detect the presence of water or bilge in cargo holds or empty spaces.

    It consists of water-level sensors and alarming indication equipment. The sensors come in direct contact with the water. Once the water reaches pre-alarm and main alarm level, the control panel sends out corresponding visual and audible alarm signals to indicate the position of the cabin where there is water ingress. The system continually monitors the entire set of equipment and triggers audible & visual alarms when detecting failures in the system.

    Active Roll Damping System
    The Active Roll Damping System is a roll damping system equipped with a monitoring and control system on the basis of a passive U-tube type anti-roll tank to assist ship crews in operating the ship stabilizer safely with maximum efficiency.

    By constantly measuring the dynamic tank liquid level and the roll period of the ship, the system automatically adjusts the tank water oscillating period by restricting the air flow and/or water flow in between the interconnected tanks to achieve the required phase lag of approximately 90 degrees. It also optimizes the anti-rolling performance.

    Quick Closing Valve System
    The Quick Closing Valve System includes rope movement quick closing valve, air-actuated quick closing valve and hydraulic quick closing valve. They are used for marine Fresh Water, Fuel Oil and Lube Oil. The valve can be closed and opened normally. In case of emergency, emergency actions can be made by both manual and remote control method to close the valve immediately.

    The Quick Closing Valve Control Box is a remote control plant suitable for fuel oil tank, lube oil tank and daily supplying fuel oil tank of ships. Its purpose is to shut off oil circuits and prevent any fire from spreading.

    Gas Detection System
    The Gas Detection System is used to monitor the concentration of combustible gases in ambient air - the explosion limit ranges from 0% to 100%. The system consists of gas detectors and an alarm cabinet. The sensor technology is known as the catalyst combustion type. The technology can be used for specific gas detection and monitoring. This system is crucial as it is an effective way to prevent poisoning, explosion and fire, thus, ensuring the safety of lives and properties.

    The gas detector is part of the State Quality Supervision and Inspection Centre (CQST) test, explosion-proof performance. In accordance with the GB3836.1-2000 and GB3836.4-2000 standard, explosion-proof mark for Ex ibⅡB T4 and ExdⅡCT6, the product must be composed of safe explosion-proof barrier for it to be used in places containing explosive gases - below the rank of ⅡA.