Concrete Weight Coating pipe,LSAW Steel Pipe,Elbow


Sandblasting can be used for mega structures like oil rigs and it can be used for creating design for small ornamental items, and also for precision work on moulds for dentures. The sandblasting effects comes with different equipment and different sandblasting media. Its usage is far and wide. Present us with the material and we will help you to find an equipment and media most suitable for you.

Our current setup covers a total 2600m2of space. First phase setup consists of an auto chamber blasting machine with chamber Height 3m x Width 2.2m and a rolling sand machine.

Our auto chamber blasting machine capable to blast most of the steel item for shipbuilding and construction on the market. Each lot will only consume 10-15 minutes to complete.

The rolling sand machine is use for smaller item such as pipe fittings and small size steel products.

The 2 blasting machines able to reduce man power requirement especially during this pandemic. We able to reduce rely on manpower, operate with less interrupt by the current pandemic.

After blasting, the goods will transfer to coating zone to coat according to client specification. 15 painting stations will be setup and 5 painting compressor is ready for service.

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